Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Chick / Contest

Hey everybody! I have been so busy with Christmas shopping and getting some new ideas for my little amigurumi and so far I have had nothing but then I can across this little guy:


Isn't he adorable! I know right?! He has to be one of my favorites.If you wanna make one of your own you can find the pattern here. I love the little slippers and the santa hat I think that just adds to the cuteness factor. Here he is waddled inside a little jingle bell weath I found laying around...

I thought it would be a cute pose :) Sometimes I can just look at things and I get pictures of poses in my head it's kind of crazy.

Well you guys there is one thing I ask of you I really need some ideas on upcoming projects. I might be a little creative on poses but I'm not too creative on what animals to make. So, that's where you creative crocheters come in.

I need your help to pick some future amigurumis so if you read this and in your mind a light bulb pops up email me your idea with a name of the animal and a pattern.

The winning amigurumi will be featured in my blog and I will link to your blog so people and see what other awesome ami you have on your site. The contest will be ending on January 21, 2012  and then you will have to give me a couple days to make him and take pictures.

If you need to contact me just click the "Contact Me" page at the top at the blog. I really can't wait to see your ideas :) Till next time. Bye!

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