Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very Bunny Love Story

   Hiya! I'm very happy to be annoucing my latest post!  Well, remember in my last post that I told you I like to make stories about my little critters? Yeah, so this is one of those posts. So, I finished my first addition to the family or two additions. Here's their story:

Once upon a time there was a young, happy little bunny. He loved to be in high places and sit and look at the great view.

    He also enjoyed getting tummy rubs and relaxing.

 But he soon became lonely and sad because he had nobody to play with.

Until one day he spotted something that caught his eye...

A lovely girl bunny was hopping in front of him

When they saw each other they knew they were perfect for each other...

They loved to lay back and stare at the stars

Occassionaly, they would go out and have a campfire and roast some mashmellows. Since then the two were inseperable...

   There so cute! Don't you think so? I was inspired by Stephanie over at All About Ami. She is so talented! I like to put a little bit of a twist on some of her stuff. They are just so adorable! ;) If you are interested in making these huggable bunnies you can find the free pattern here.

    Hope you guys like my bunnies, I worked hard on them.  But it was worth it :) Who knows there might be babies in the future! If you make one for your own email me some pictures. Till next time <3 P.S. Have a AWESOME Thanksgiving!

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  1. oh they are so cute! you did an awesome job! putting on my list to try and make! :)