Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Invisible Decrease

   Hiya! Have you ever been doing your amigurumi, you're so excited he is turning out so cute and suddenly you see holes when you start decreasing? You start crying because you have to rip out a some rows you worked so hard on. Ok, maybe I only cry but thats not important. I know how you feel it has happened to me. But I was on the Internet the other day and I came upon a miracle! The Invisible Decrease is my life saver.

   Well I'm here to tell the amigurumi world about this amazing miracle. If you are new to crocheting you probably won't know a word I'm about to say.

    You know how when you are decreasing they tell you to single crochet 2 together or single crochet decrease. Well they lie! Don't do it, it will make your crochet all lumpy and bumpy and...blah!

    Since I'm no good at explaning instructions then I'm going to give you a video from one of my fellow amigurumi-ers Nerdigurumi to show you how to change your amigurumi life.

   You should really take a look at this video. She shows you clearly how to make the decrease without making a hole it is like taking two stitches into one regular stitch, it rocks. Period.

     So I hope you guys like and try it in your own amigurumi, if you do let me know I love to see I help others with their inner amigurumi-er!

    So, here's a spoiler! You can expect more Christmas patterns and original patterns from yours truly, Muh. Byee till next time, off to work on my patterns! Ahh :)

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