Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Yarn :)

Hey Guys! I went to the Hobby Lobby the other day and That place is HUGE so I deiced just to look for amigurumi related stuff. So I searched some aisles and I found my FAVORITE aisle in the whole place...the yarn aisle. 

I could have bought that whole store but I limited my yarn (even though how much it pains me) to 3 balls. I picked out some yarn I like and I picked these three ^^ :) Now I need your help with what to make if you have any ideas or a suggestion just email it to me or comment below:)

I was thinking maybe a Hawaiian bear with the orange and I add my little twist on it :) I got nothing for the rest :(  Love ya all :)


  1. i think that would be cute! i'm getting ready to head out to hobby lobby to buy some yarn, too.

  2. How about a "bearmaid" with the blue. You know, a mermaid, except with a bear head and torso?